The Ride is Done!

The total raised was an incredible £12315 !!


11.00am - Queuing to sign on

Signing On
With Over 70 riders it took some time

Lunch at the Forresters 
End in Sight

The end in site - approching the final stop

The ride complete, and all safely home, the raffle took place.

The heroes who completed the ride:

Andrew Bessant, Alan Greenough, Andy Harper, Andy Mansell, Andy Mupp, Andy Penney, Andy Yarrow, Anne waddicor, Barbara Greenough, Ben Moody, Chris Pierce, Chris (exchequer), Chris Mann, Chris Tansey, Christine Evans, Dan Sutton, David Cowley, David Yarrow, Debby Dean, Eduardo (Exchequer), Emma Brown, Eric leBeouf, Fred Greenough, Gavin Alderson, Godfrey Rawlings, Graham Black, Graham Hewson, Hayley Curtis, Iain Judd, Iain Tully, Jacqui Jennings, Jim Nichols, Jo Finn, John Hunter, John Kelly, Julia Kemp, Karen Blundell, Kirsten Yarrow, Krissy Lloyd, Lisa Jensen, Mark Baron, Mark Olive, Matthew Ashton, Matthew Upward, Melissa Warburton, Mike Miller, Mike Thomas, Phil Drew, Pat Jane, Patsy Jane, Paul Tansey, Phil Noden, Paul Read, Richard Croxall, Richard Jones, Roan Fair, Rob Clarke, Rob Steele, Robert Warne, Robin Harper, Ruth Evans, Sarah Jane, Sarah Rawlings, Scott Wardley, Sharon (Exchequer), S Chamberlain, Steven Leighton, Stuart Fleming, Sylvia Croxall, Stuart West and Sarah Waite.

Thank you all!

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