Blandford Meadows, Across The R. Stour

A short section of the A350 takes you from the end of the trailway across the roundabout. This is only about 150 - 200 yards. Many cyclists use the pavement to avoid the traffic, however the police have informed us that this is not strictly legal and if complaints are made they would be forced to take action, so you are advised to use the road.

tesco roundabout

Go straight over the roundabout by Tesco, turn right at the mini-roundabout by Tesco and Homebase.  (If you find yourself by the famous Hall & WoodHouse brewery then you've gone too far, go back and turn at Homebase!)

homebase roundabout 

Go straight across the next mini-roundabout down the little used road heading towards Blandford Meadows.

homebase 2nd roundabout

About 3 meters after the height restriction bar that covers the entrance to the meadows car park, on the right is a foot and cycle path.

stour meadows path 1

Follow this across the meadows, and over the black footbridge across the Stour.

stour meadows bridge

As you cross this bridge you'll get a good view of the 'Bridge To Nowhere', a section of the old railway bridge.

bridge to nowhere

We'll have marshalls here to guide you up the correct section of the path and on to a small back-road heading back towards the main road.

langton road

Just before you get near to the main ring road (no access from here), you'll see a sign to a cycle route to cross under where the Blandford ring road crosses the River Stour.

stour underpath

Follow the path under the road alongside the River Stour

under the stour

Come up the other side and you'll be on a small road that follows the course of the River Stour through Langford Long.

towards langton long

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