Surminster Marshall and Pamphill

After the pub, carry straight on down Stewards Lane and onto Mill Lane.

out of shapwick on road to sturminster marshall

Keep going until you come to a left turn (ignore this one) and very shortly afterwards another left turn: at this point you are at the back of Sturminster Marshall and can see the old Mill and the lovely arched bridge over the River Stour.

white mill on the right

sturminster marshall white mill left to cowgrove and wimborne

Take the left turn signposted to Cowgrove/Wimborne. This is also signposted with a blue 'cycle route 25' sign.

If you did fancy a very quick diversion, just pop round the corner briefly to see the old stone arched bridge that would take you into Sturminster Marshall and some lovely views across the Stour and surrounding flood plain.

view from sturminster marshall bridge

One thing that you shouldn't do is damage the bridge though, or you'll be send off to Australia!


After taking the left turn by White Mill, continue cycling down Cowgrove Road, passing Barford Farmhouse Ice Cream - or, if you're feeling hot, stopping in their nearly-famous ice-cream garden for a very tasty treat.

barford ice cream

barford ice cream sign

The Barford Farmhouse ice creams are certified tasty!

barford ice cream garden

Carry on until, shortly before entering Pamphill, there is a shallow, uphill left turn.

approaching pamphill 

turn left to pamphill

Sorry, but this is the uphill bit! Follow the road up, through a T-Junction (go left) continuing up the hill.

left and carry on up pamphil hill

Now you arrive at another T-junction by Pamphill School, which marks the end of the first leg of the route. Here you can divert right for about 100 yards to the Vines pub for refreshments, or turn left to start the return leg.

pamphill first school junction

the vine inn

vine inn sign

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