Pamphill Back to Shapwick

You are now starting the return leg, turn left at the School as you approach from up the hill. The hill is now over!

pamphill first school junction

After turning left, continue past the school and the village cricket ground on your left.

pamphill cricket green

past pamphill cricket green

You then come to a T-Junction (Abbott Street) with a quaint Church (St Stephens) in front of you; you are now at the South East of the Kingston Lacy estate.

abbott road at st stephens church

st stephens church pamphill

Turn left along Abbott Street and follow it back down the hill. Nice views here...

view on abbott street

view on abbott street 2

You'll come to a sharp left turn, with a car park and track off to the right. This is where Abbott Street becomes Sandy Lane. You can now go for a bit of gentle off-roading along the Kingston Lacy foot/cycle path back towards Shapwick.

kingston lacy path 1

We'll have some marshalls here to show you where you are, and if you wish to go back the roadway that's very simple too, just carry on down Sandy Lane to rejoin the Cowgrove Road you came up earlier and follow the original route back to Shapwick.

If you do go off-road, we'll have some signs/marshalls along the way and at the end to direct you back to Shapwick.

kingston lacy path sign

kingston lacy path 2

Halfway down the path you come to a 'junction', take the left fork.

kingston lacy path 3

kingston lacy path 4

At the end of the track, you just go straight on down Park Lane, signposted to Shapwick.

end of kingston lacy path

Park Lane is a straightforward almost entirely downhill glide back to Shapwick.

park lane back to shapwick

At the end of Park Hill, turn left onto High Street, back towards the crossroads by The Anchor pub.

park lane onto shapwick high st

shapwick high st

back in shapwick by the anchor now turn right

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