Shapwick and Spetisbury

Time, once again, to leave behind the quaint thatched cottages in Shapwick.


From Shapwick, we rejoin the original route of the first leg to get back to the right-angled T-junction at Tarrant Crawford, this time taking the signposted route towards Spetisbury.

crawford bridge spetisbury 2

As you near Spetisbury you'll cross the River Stour on the splendid multi-arched Crawford Bridge, with a nice view of the river gardens of the Spetisbury village houses to your right.

crawford bridge spetisbury view of stour

spetisbury river gardens

Now cross over the main A350 with assistance from the marshalls onto Louse Lane.

crawford cross to louse lane

After only about 20 yards you'll see the entrance to the trailway on your right. Not long now!

louse lane onto trailway

The trailway takes you past Spetisbury Rings on your left (a bit like Badbury Rings but with fewer rings!) and the Spetisbury Halt (deserted railway stop).

spetisbury halt

If you wanted to visit Spetisbury Rings you'd need to get off the trailway at Spetisbury Halt and go down the steps, up the hill a bit and across a field on your left. On the other hand, you might be feeling this is one stop too far on the Bike Ride day itself!

spetisbury rings

Carry on down the trailway, over the bridge by Spetisbury School and on a little further towards Charlton Marshall.

trailway at spetisbury school

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