Langton Long to Shapwick

Follow the road towards and through Langton Long. You'll pass this picturesque church on your right.

langton long church

Stay on this road (it's signposted with 'cycle route 25' at various points), past farms and meadows and on to Tarrant Crawford.

langton long toward tarrant keynston

At Tarrant Crawford, you will find yourself at a right-angled T-Junction where you can go right to Spetisbury (not now, but you will on the way back!) or left/straight on towards the village of Shapwick.

tarrant crawford turning to shapwick

turn left to shapwick

The very first part of the road to Shapwick is a little uphill and very narrow but that's soon done with and the rest of the way to Shapwick is easy and a pleasant cycle in the country!

towards shapwick

Shapwick has got some lovely thatched cottages and a lovely rural feel.

And a pub called The Anchor, where you may well be tempted to stop for some refreshments !

anchor at shapwick

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The Route : Langton Long to Shapwick